Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula – Rahsia Awet Muda Artis Antarabangsa!

MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula

21,000 mg

Harga Promosi : RM 720.00




MFIII of Switzerland has a long standing history in specialised Research & Development of cellular and placental-based nutritional supplements. Combining over 80 years of top-level strategy experiences with specialised knowledge in cellular therapy, MFIII delivers the ultimate lasting solution to your well being – PE Softgels Advanced Formula, total regeneration from within.

MFIII proprietary cold-extraction Celuxinis™ Proteolytic Enzyme was uniquely developed by our scientists to extract the fresh PE in its purest form while maintaining its highly concentrated and potent bioactive ovine cellular extracts. No heat application were utilised throughout the process of extraction. To date, MFIII of Switzerland is the only supplier of Swiss manufactured Placental Cellular Extracts in unrivalled hi-tech softgels. MFIII PE of Switzerland is NOT a drug as it contains no chemicals but only natural ingredients of the highest quality.

MFIII of Switzerland PE Ovine Placenta is obtained from stringently selected and certified closed colony healthy sheep of 40 generations. The PE cell culture is 99% water soluble and is from pure raw materials without any foreign contents. Ovine Placenta Extract proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions. Ovine extraction is a rich source of nutrients coupled with growth factors and bio active cytokines. Scientific studies concluded that PE contains high level of special proteins which promote cell growth, regulate hormone secretion and strengthen the immune system. It has been proven through double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical studies at the Clinical Skin Testing Department Swiss Skin Testing Institute Neuchâtel of Switzerland that MFIII PE Advanced Formula enhances and invigorates our bodies with a wide range of health benefits:


* Effective concentration of clinically proven facial rejuvenation ingredients
* Enhance the effectiveness of anti-ageing skin regimen by protecting and restoring the skin
* Maximize the rejuvenation benefits by adding anti-ageing properties
* Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
* Effectively treat damaged skin


* Boost body’s natural repair process
* Support health joints, nerves and skin
* Improves range of motion, support joint lubrication and reduce minor pains and aches
* Nourish muscles and bones

IMMUNE SYSTEM is the most essential part of the body; therefore, it needs to be maintained in strong and healthy condition.
* Support speedy recovery from illness and bad state of health
* Act as energy booster to overcome feeling of weakness
* Promote effective functioning of the immune system
* Prevent premature degeneration of the body cells


* Comprised of natural antioxidants and phytonutrients to nourish every layer of the body especially the blood, muscle, bone and reproductive tissue
* Help resist the effects of ageing, correcting imbalances and repairing damaged cells
* Repairs free-radical damage cells; therefore, slow ageing process, creating deep and lasting rejuvenation
* Strengthen the body natural detox system to power up digestion and assimilation
* Improve stress response and balance energy levels
* Enhance overall health and longevity
* Enhance resistance to effects of ageing
* Balance and purify the reproductive system
* Strengthen sensory function

MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula underwent stringent quality and health control standards:
* Certified by high quality standards of ISO 14001, TQM (Total Quality Management), HACCP and FDA compliance.
* HALAL certified, SCES and SIS.
* Met specific requirements of Qualified Responsible Chemists, Pharmacists, Toxicologists and Quality Controllers.
* GLP (Good Laboratories Practice Conditions) and Bio-HC clinically tested.
* Complied fully with the requirements of EC –cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), the highest GMP status in manufacturing.



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